Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Thought I was Going To Hawaii

The sun was out and bright Tuesday afternoon. Since then, it has
looked like Seattle - gray, dark, with rain. At least it's in the 70s,
and the rain hasn't interfered with our trips, though last night, on the
way back from the volcano, it came down in sheets. After we'd got by,
some roads flooded out.
Wednesday, we went to Hilo, enjoyed the farmers market, and
Thursday, went to beautiful South Point, the southernmost point of the
US, saw people spearing fish, and whales leaping out of the water.
Yesterday, we went to Kileauea - really something to walk along the edge
of a steaming caldera, while steam rises from vents in the fields around
you. Today, we're in Kona, seeing how the other half vacations.
Now, if only the sun would come out.

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